Working Title

Title of your story

Thesis of the Story

What is the thesis of the story that you want to explore/prove

Write a detailed description/outline of the story:

  1. Background information
  2. Explain the story in detail including any relevant evidence towards your thesis.
  3. Has any reporting been done on this topic? If so please provide a list of existing reporting and explain why you believe a new work on this story is needed.
  4. How do you envisage your role in telling this story?
  5. What barriers/challenges/feasibility issues are there in regards to telling this story?
  6. Why should redfish’s audience watch it?

Please note that sources should be added as footnotes so we can understand the context.


Explain in as much detail as possible how this  story will be told audio-visually and where possible provide examples of visuals.


Detail the main characters and experts & their role/contribution to the story.

About You

Please send us any relevant information about your background that supports your pitch. If you have any previous experience of documentary film-making please send us your CV/Show reel/portfolio.

Please find a downloadable Word file for the Pitch template here.