Over the past three months, all major social media companies have launched a war of censorship on redfish. While purporting to uphold their liberal values of “freedom of speech,” these attacks have ranged from an outright global ban to selective bans in the US, UK and EU, suppression of our content, and elimination of certain posts. 

The latest of these attacks has come from TikTok, which unjustifiably removed three of our videos for supposedly violating its “community guidelines.” The deleted material in question included a historical speech from African American sports icon Muhammad Ali speaking on his refusal to participate in the U.S.’ imperialist wars, an explainer of the Palestinian Nakba of 1948 and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and a sketch on how the U.S.’ “War on Terror” has made Afghanistan the least happy place on Earth. 

The material mentioned above included no violent or graphic content, did not promote any dangerous acts, did not include any threats or incitement to violence, nor promoted or glorified “extremist” organizations by TikTok’s standards. We do not believe our content violated the platform’s stated community guidelines. Instead, we are aware that this act of censorship by TikTok is politically motivated, falling in line with redfish’s previous censorship by YouTube, Meta, and Twitter. 

In light of these developments, redfish is currently in the process of branching out to alternative platforms that respect our journalistic integrity and allow us the freedom to fully express our work. We have transferred our large catalog of documentaries exposing racism, imperialism, and various human rights abuses onto Odysee, where you can now watch over 90 of our exclusive reports, uncensored. 

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