The Lovie Awards –presented by the International Academy of Arts and Sciences (IADAS)– annually honors the most outstanding achievements in digital media.

“We are very proud and happy that our work has been honored by the jury, but most importantly by the people who voted for us. At the same time, it motivates us to go one step further to meet higher standards next year. These awards go to our supporters,” said Hüseyin Dogru, Head of Production at redfish.

Redfish won Silver in the ‘Video: Documentary’ category for our investigative film “Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism,” which will premiere in January 2022.

The research follows how in 1965, the Western-backed Indonesian Army and paramilitary groups used an attempted coup d’état as a pretext to murder between 500,000 and three million people accused of being affiliated with the communist party or supporting leftist politics.

But the Army did not act alone. Redfish dug through Germany’s archives and found previously uncovered incriminating evidence of the country’s involvement in the Genocide at the height of the Cold War, just 20 years following the defeat of fascism in WWII.

Redish was awarded Bronze in the category ‘Social: Education & Discovery’ for a project covering social history in color.

With this project, the social media team has over the past few years resurrected in color some pieces of history that we have only come to know in black and white. The project featured historical icons such as Malcolm X, Rosa Luxemburg, Angela Davis, Ernesto Che Guevara, in addition to anti-colonial and independence struggles from all over the world, all of which have been redesigned and color graded to bring the history a bit closer.

In both categories, redfish was also chosen as the People’s Lovie Winner by followers in a public vote.

“It’s pleasant when your work is measured and honored to such a high standard. But we remain mindful of the fact that our work is nothing but the product of the struggles and resistance of women and children the world over who are fighting every day for a better world. Respect and recognition are due to all these people for their tireless struggle.”