National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Ford Foundation funded think tank “Global Americans” yesterday published an article claiming a redfish documentary  contains “lies and distortions” regarding the role that the media, including its own website, has played in the crisis that has ravaged Nicaragua since April this year.

The redfish documentary called “The New Battle for Nicaragua” aims to redress the imbalance caused by one-sided media coverage which focuses on violence at the hands of the Nicaraguan state and its supporters while largely ignoring the crimes committed by the opposition.

The documentary has been viewed almost half a million times and received an overwhelmingly warm reception by Nicaraguans who have widely shared the story on social networks, frequently dubbing it the first report  by international media which provides balanced coverage of the crisis.

Nevertheless, Global Americans claims the aim of the documentary “is to distract”, because it mentions the history of US government intervention and ongoing financing to opposition groups in Nicaragua. The think tank claims this funding is merely for “education- and democracy-related projects” and is “not the cause of this year’s protests.”

However, the article fails to mention that Global Americans itself published an article earlier this year which details the millions spent by the US government financed NED “laying the groundwork for insurrection in Nicaragua”. In addition to this stunning admission by the think-tank regarding American efforts to destabilise Nicaragua, redfish’s documentary highlights visits by Nicaraguan student opposition leaders to US Senators vocally opposed to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, along with statements by US President Donald Trump condemning his Nicaraguan counterpart while imposing sanctions designed to weaken and foment unrest against the Nicaraguan government.

Global Americans makes no effort to address the effects of longstanding and ongoing interference in Nicaraguan politics, which comes as no surprise as the think tank is a project of the NED and the Ford Foundation. Both of these “soft power” organisations have a long history of working with the US establishment to stimulate destabilisation across the world – the latter having been founded by US giant Henry Ford, who is infamous for his anti-semitic past, inspiring none other than Adolf Hitler and later facilitating the CIA‘s “cultural Cold War” against the Soviet Union and Western European communist parties.

It seems that for some the Cold War is still alive. redfish rejects the attempt to discredit its work through anti-Russian fear mongering and invites Global Americans to take a more serious look at the effect that money coming from its own sponsors is having on causing bloodshed and economic violence against people living south of its border.