About us

We started redfish to create a platform for the people who are at the heart of their own stories, and to acknowledge that those stories are always part of a big picture which connects us all.

Our content is produced in two main formats: 25 minute in-depth documentaries and faster paced “On the Ground” stories from hotspots around the world.

We are 100 per cent editorially independent and uniquely positioned to have a global reach via our parent company Ruptly who make our content available to their 1200+ clients across 89 countries.

Our principles

You can rely on us to be consistent. We are not driven by chasing clicks or trends — we are journalists who strive to be objective about where things stand. But we don’t claim to be neutral: our team has a proven track record of both supporting and covering struggles which challenge the exploitative global system that enslaves humankind and is destroying our planet. We are in favour of people taking charge of their own destinies, against military and economic wars for profit and against racism. We believe in equality for all – regardless of gender, sexuality, range of abilities, age and religion.

These are the principles that have set us on a journey to tell and investigate stories that challenge mainstream narratives. Join us!

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